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Our aim is integration by sports.

Therefore, we offer a number of sportive opportunities for refugees that will be staying in Lüdenscheid for a while. There will be no discrimination. In order to achieve better integration we invite citizen of Lüdenscheid, too, to take part in our training.

Furtheremore, we are looking for used sports clothes. Please, only sportswear. Also sports shoes, especially football shoes with studs, but also indoor football shoes or indoor sport shoes - it's okay if they are used, but should be wearable.

Moreover, we need used, well-preserved bicycles for the refugees. Please no scrap.

 Current activities: 
Soccer training for refugees

Each Tuesday and Thursday from 5 pm till 6:45 pm at sports place Schöneck, just behind the integration center, Parkstr. 158

If the weather is bad, we play in the hall of the former school Schöneck.
-- Shoes can be borrowed --

Badminton or volleyball:

Each Friday from 4 pm till 5:30 pm in the Schöneck sports hall according to prior agreement.

Team leader: Sylvain Olievier

If you, also as a refugee, have questions
or you are interested in volunteer work,
please give us a note:

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