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Work, to be allowed to work is an essential part of self-determined life, of dignity of a person. It defines the status in the world, in the society. It determines the development of one’s own capabilities and one’s personality.

There is a lot of potential within those people that are coming here, which, if allowed to develop, could not only be a great asset for themselves but also for the society in which they live.

There are many possible fields of action for voluntary work, apart from

  • professional offer of individual guidance,
  • help with questions about residence and social benefits,
  • organizing EFF-BAMF-courses,
  • low-threshold language courses,
  • help with vocational orientation,
  • help with authentication of school and occupational qualification,
  • working together with other volunteers within the team ‚Work‘,
there are tasks for volunteers like
  • help with the search for a job,
  • help with the job application,
  • preparation for interviews,
  • visits to agencies, job centres etc.
  • useful contacts to companies,
  • and a lot more.

Team leader: Iris Jänicke

If you, also as a refugee, have questions
or you are interested in volunteer work,
please give us a note:

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