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To have their own place to live means for the refugees to finally have privacy, for many of them also to find protection and a feeling of arrival. Contact to neighbours makes many things are easier to learn, by talking german or by helping each other.

To have your own stove, to cook whenever you like, to be responsible for everything that happens in your own home, to shape your home to your own wishes, and to be able to just shut the door behind you, or open it for friends, for guests… all this and a lot more is connected to the dream of having a home.

On the other hand this dream is limited: affordable property is difficult to come by.

We are a small team and try again and again to encourage landlords to rent out to refugees. We see ourselves as communicators, we are open for questions and fears, and try to bring landlords and tenants together.

Beyond that we are are prepared to help with furnishing and to organize furniture and articles of daily use. Of course we work together with social services.

Mechthild Börger

Team leader: Mechthild Börger

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